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Altering Narratives: Essential Political Practices in Visual Culture

The book 'Altering Narratives: Essential Political Practices in Visual Culture' was published by Or Tshuva and Danielle Heiblum in 2017 thanks to the kind support of Mif'al HaPais-the Israeli Lottery fund for Hebrew publications in visual culture. The book discusses the possibilities embedded in the field of transcultural memory as a tool through which the format of national narratives can be rethought in the global era and the ways in which art institutes can become active political agents in these processes. 


As a project aiming to challenge the national narrative as a form of knowledge production, an important part of this process was to rethink the notion of a book, which is the ultimate narrational tool. Together with Grotesca studio, we designed a spiral-bound pageless book, using symbols and arrows as means of navigation that enable to form different reading trajectories instead of those dictated by page numbers. 

The book is currently used for teaching purposes in most art academies in Israel. The unique design has also gained recognition by IDN design magazine. 


Photo: Ania Krupiakov

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