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Seen From Here

'Seen From Here' is a solo exhibition by painter Elena Rotenberg, commissioned by Petach Tikva Museum of Art for its Collection Gallery. The show is a homage to the architecture of the Yad LaBanim House, where it is held. Built in 1953 at the initiative of the Haganah military organization and Petah Tikva municipality, the structure is considered the first commemorative venture of its kind in Israel. 

In the early 2000s, the entire complex underwent extensive renovation. On the backdrop of the Second Intifada and associated security concerns, the passage from the Independence Park was restricted and replaced by a raised terrace, the complex was fenced and the main gate moved to its current location, in front of the Petach Tikva Museum of Art. The gallery’s windows were also sealed and it was reinstated as a display space.

Elena Rotenberg’s exhibition is based on historical research that traces the architectural genealogy of the Yad Labanim complex. The eight paintings she created especially for the space of the Collection Gallery, represent the glass windows of the original building in their location and dimensions. The views of the buildings and the overgrown courtyards seen from them are drawn from Ramat Warber neighbourhood, where the museum is located, as though wishing to reconnect the building to its surroundings.



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Photos: Elad Sarig

ילנה רוטנברג בגלריית האוסף- צילום אלעד ש
מוזיאון פתח תקוה_016 (2).jpg
מוזיאון פתח תקוה_013 (3).jpg
מוזיאון פתח תקוה_017 (2).jpg
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