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Now Open

The exhibition Now Open centres on the relationship between the museum and its public. It presents projects created through extensive research processes by artists and creatives working with architecture, design, education, and performance. The participants were invited to intervene in the architectural and operational infrastructures of the Petach Tikva Museum of Art and offer interpretations and alternatives for the museum visiting experience.

As its name implies, Now Open celebrates the fulfilment of the awaited hope to reopen the museum doors after a long period in which culture and art institutions all over the world were closed to the public. At the same time, its asks how can we do this in a “healthier” way (and not only in the epidemiological sense): How to act as a more beneficial and meaningful public institution, which draws from the communities in which it is embedded, nurtures them, and maintains collaborative exchange and mutual learning?

Participants: David Adika, Shahar Afek, Yaniv Amar, Ofri Cnaani, Orly Hummel, gym (Ori Carmely, Ruth Leonov, Tal Stadler), Luciana Kaplun and Ruti de Vries, Yasha Rozov, Maya Sharabani, Omer Sheizaf, Yehudit Shlosberg Yogev and Amir Bolzman



Full exhibition text

Exhibition catalogue


Photos: Elad Sarig

מוזיאון פתח תקוה_005 (1).jpg
קבלת קהל- עבודות של עפרי כנעני+ לוסיאנה
מוזיאון פתח תקוה_011 (2).jpg
מוזיאון פתח תקוה_032.jpg
מוזיאון פתח תקוה_026 (1).jpg
מוזיאון פתח תקוה_030.jpg
מוזיאון פתח תקוה_007 (2).jpg
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