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artist residency and a non-profit gallery for socially engaged art

Or Tshuva co-founded RedLine Be'er Sheva, an artist residency and a non-profit gallery for socially engaged art in 2013. As a group of young art graduates who wanted to live in Beersheva (IL) but had no art spaces, art-related jobs or an art scene to be part of, Redline in Beer Sheva was born out of a mere need.  The residency program and gallery were the first and largest of their kind in the Negev area and became a truly influential and popular hub for both young artists and the city's residents alike. Or served as a curator and artistic director of the project until 2015.  During this period she curated dozens of exhibitions, performances, workshops and public events.


Some of the artists she exhibited include: Sarah Maple, Izik Badash, Rotem Manor, Margarita Perlin, David Bennaroch, Hilla Spitzer, Eliya Cohen, Joseph Dadoune, Irit Tamari, Yaron Atar, Merav Svirsky, Vered Shilony, Or Tesema Avraham, Luciana Kaplun, Alicia Shahaf, Elham Rokni, Ania Krupiakov, FOMA, Relli de Vries, Dana Yoeli, Sharone Lifschitz,  Dafna Shalo, Zaudito Yosef

In the year of 2015 she was named one of the 5 most inspiring women in culture for her work in RedLine as part of the 'Women at the Front' prize issued by Saloona magazine.  



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